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Cold-pressed hemp seed oil is a perfect addition to your dog's diet.

Hemp seed oil can be quite beneficial for your dog's diet. Think of it as the dietary supplement of the hemp oil world. Hemp seed oil is jam-packed with essential nutrients, which can bolster your pup's health in many ways.


Hemp seed oil benefits:

- Helps reduce stress & anxiety

- Helps maintain normal moulting

- Helps maintain a healthy coat & skin

- Helps maintain good fertility

- Enhances stamina

- Attains & maintains a healthy blood pressure

- Attains & maintains a healthy cholesterol

- Boosting immune system

- Easing stiff joints

- Helps the body produce EPA & DHA

- Rich in omega 3,6 & 9

- Great source of vitamins B,C,D & E



Hemp Seed Oil

  • APHA (Defra) Approved


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